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5 steps to ease seasonal allergies (even if you don’t have one now!)

One thing is for sure - allergies are here to stay. Think about it, if you don’t have (at least) one yourself, the chances are that you know someone in your close circles who does.

But what if you don’t have any allergies at the moment? Should you care about allergies at all? The answer is yes, absolutely - and this is why:

Global Warming and Allergies

Allergies are no laughing matter. Though many of us can feel irritated by their effects during seasonal changes, for some, it’s really a matter of life and death.

Some food allergies can be “outgrown” in adulthood, simply because our immune system can be “trained” by longer exposure to it. But unlike some food allergies, many other allergies can actually develop in later years.

With seasonal allergies, the more you’re exposed to the allergens, the bigger the chances of developing an allergy to them.

So it’s really concerning to know that experts have already been warning of a rise in allergy cases. The reason is simple: with global warming, more plants emit more pollen, and for longer periods. Some additional studies have found that even the pollen itself became more potent.

All roads lead to one conclusion: it’s time to act now.

How to prepare yourself and your Home

If seasonal allergies are only going to get worse, and there’s only so much you could do to stop global warming, make sure you know your options in advance:

  • Talk to your doctor! It goes without saying that an allergy specialist knows best. If you already have an existing seasonal allergy, notice that it’s getting worse, and over-the-counter antihistamines fail to help anymore - see your GP, and seek medical help. If you’re lucky enough not to have any seasonal allergies yet, but still interested in knowing more about preventative care, talking to a specialist would be the right thing to do.
  • Clean more and clean better. We already know that as the “indoor generation”, we already spend 90% of our time inside. So instead of limiting your time outdoors even more, how about making your time inside more enjoyable? Cleaning thoroughly and regularly with the right products can help decrease the allergens concentrations and the overall indoor air pollution inside your home.
  • Double-check your indoor activities. The chances are that you can reduce some of your indoor air pollution by just being aware of its sources. Cooking, smoking, candles, air fresheners, and even some types of furniture or flooring can have a major effect on your air quality.
  • Still worried? Looking for that extra help to get your well-deserved peace of mind? We got your back! Aura Air offers the most professional pure air producer - disinfecting 99.9% of your indoor air. From pet hair and dust to various types of bacteria and viruses, Aura can do it all. Click here to learn more about our mind-blowing 4-in-1 ultimate solution.
  • On the road a lot? First of all, lucky you! We hope you travel safely. But if you would like to take charge of the quality of air around you while traveling, you might be interested in this handy solution.
Aura Air Device
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Seasonal allergies can be annoying, but they shouldn’t be in control of your fate. Taking measures now and practicing preventative care might not be able to eliminate your risk of getting allergies in the future - but they sure are the best things you could do now to ease them and improve your life quality.

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