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The Aura Web Platform: An All-in-Solution for the Education Sector

To see everything we don’t see, we’ve set up the Aura web platform, a one-stop shop to help you monitor and manage an entire school district from one place. The system provides relevant data for actionable insights and recommendations, and one of its key features is the ability to monitor and manage each space individually.  

Aura Air web platform

From going to school on yellow busses to sitting in classrooms and coming back home, students can now breathe clean air, everywhere. 

What’s on the web platform?

Aura Rating - Ever heard of LEED and WELL green building standards? How about ESG? You can say the Aura Rating is part of that club. Our indoor air quality rating system provides a comprehensive summary of potential infections, productivity, energy efficiency, sick days, and more. 

Analytics - We realized how important it is not only to see what’s going on with your indoor air but also what’s happening outside. With analytics, you can get recommendations about outdoor air quality relevant to allergies treatment, HVAC optimization, energy efficiency, and bad weather conditions. This feature also provides road safety conditions for yellow buses and helps improve the experience for the passengers and the driver. 

In addition, Analytics also helps you see your ROI ratio by measuring the time spent on good air quality, energy-saving, allergy treatment, and more. 

Facility Management is a new feature we developed especially for schools after we realized how challenging it is to manage school facilities in a digital, friendly way. Superintendents can run their entire district’s tasks efficiently, and facility managers can use it to manage maintenance tasks such as cleaning specific classrooms and replacing broken light bulbs.

The feature helps you run the entire building through one system with a mobile app to check off tasks and change modes wherever you are. 

Put an end to ill-documented tasks, saved manually through text messages, notes, etc. 

Views allow you to share the air quality information we previously discussed by displaying it on a screen for teachers, students, and parents. It is fully customizable and can even incorporate videos, school logo, and other information. This is a great way to improve your employees' well-being and match their working environment to our other clients such as Google, Monday, Check Point, and more. 

The API helps you integrate Aura Air into your building management system and quickly transfer data into it. It helps create a seamless workflow that fits itself to your needs rather than the opposite. 

In conclusion, managing your school's air quality is essential for maintaining the health of your staff and students, but if you choose a solution with a strong management platform, you can get so much more than that. Discover how to get the most from the Aura Web Platform to meet all your operational needs by booking a demo today.

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