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The Solution for Poor Air Quality in Classrooms and Unnecessary Absenteeism

At this time of year, the average classroom becomes a hotbed of bacteria, a breeding ground for germs to be shared from child to child. One child gets sick, and before you know it, the classroom is half-empty. 

The teachers and school staff are exposed, and the parents are forced to take time off work.

Thankfully, there is a new solution to all of this. In this article, we’ll discuss the dire need for a change in the health and safety of our nation’s classrooms and how we can reduce sick days for all and increase health, focus, engagement, and overall wellness that extends far beyond the walls of the classroom.

An Inside Look at an American Classroom
Aura Air​​

An Inside Look at an American Classroom

It would be incomplete to say that the problem is children getting sick and requiring the day off. But the wide-reaching effects of a child with the flu or Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) affect all of us. The sobering truth is that the average indoor air quality is three times worse than outside, and the effects of constantly inhaling poor air on the brain and body are no joke.

Short-term effects may include loss of focus, drowsiness, foggy thinking, dampened memory capabilities, and contracting viruses such as the flu, RSV, and other respiratory issues. These contribute to sick days children take.

Long-term effects are significantly more startling. If someone continually breathes in low-quality air, they risk developing (or worsening) respiratory issues such as asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and more. Even if we look back at the short-term effects, a child who is constantly tired and struggling to focus isn’t going to be in the best state for learning to occur.

Further still, teachers are at an increased risk of getting sick and requiring sick days, resulting in the children’s learning path being interrupted and receiving lessons from a substitute teacher. Sometimes, even when the children are in the class, they struggle to learn and aren’t constantly receiving ideal support.

The bottom line is that children are breathing in one another viruses in the classroom, and we need to address this.

Students in a classroom with an Aura Air device mounted on the wall

The Ripple Effect of 1 Sick Child

When a child is sick, their parents or caregivers are forced to take sick days from their workplace. This puts strain on their workplace and the interpersonal relationships between parents and employees. Additionally, the parents and family are exposed to the viruses. They are then at risk of contracting it themselves and spreading it further into their workplace, friend groups, and social circles.

When a virus such as RSV is enabled to continually ripple through the community, it ultimately results in stress on the healthcare system, busy Dr. Offices, and full hospital beds. Additionally, not everyone within the community can access the medical care required, which means they don’t get treated, and sometimes don’t get better, continuing the spread of the virus.

What can we do?

The core issue here is the low air quality within classrooms. Our solution is to ensure that classrooms have adequate access to clean, healthy air. This is more complex than opening windows or installing an air conditioner unit. In fact, they should be steered away from.

Opening windows doesn’t provide adequate fresh air indoors. This simply isn’t an option for many American classrooms throughout Winter and Fall due to the low temperatures. Air conditioners were thought to be the magic solution for many years. That is until we tested the quality of that air and found that these systems were carrying the germs from one room to the next, promoting the spread of sickness.

A teacher with her students in a classroom with an Aura Air device in the back

The Solution: Aura Air Purifiers in Every Classroom


Aura Air Purifiers are the technology these classrooms need. Our innovative air management system eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria in the air. This is achieved with our four levels of protection technology, which adapts and alters according to its environment. You can see the results for yourself; the Aura Air system provides personalized data, insights, and recommendations for optimal air quality.

Aura Air ensures that every classroom is protected and that minimal harmful germs are carried from one classroom to the next, or home, and into the community.

Less sick children mean a lowered likelihood of parents calling in sick for work. It also means fewer sick teachers, offering a more consistent learning experience. Clean air in classrooms ultimately leads to less stress on parents, less community spread, and less pressure on the healthcare system. The Aura Air benefits those directly in the classroom but also impacts all of us for the better.

Financing is Available for Schools

In 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) into law to support children returning to school post-shutdowns. And to ensure that children would be safe and healthy within the classrooms and able to make up for previous learning losses and disruptions.

The Biden administration is encouraging school boards, district principals, and changemakers within the community to take advantage of these funds and implement systems that will benefit children in their daily lives.

The Aura Air system does precisely that. First, it allows children to stay alert and focused while at school. Second, it ensures they have a consistent teacher present with an established learning path. Third, it enables parents to stay healthy and attend work as scheduled. Finally, and most importantly, it ensures a safe, healthy environment for the children inside the classroom.

It’s Time to Act

This is a community-wide issue, but change starts in the classroom. Our children have been breathing in bacteria, virus-ridden air in their classrooms for far too long. And a solution is available, with adequate funding to action a change. There’s no reason why an Aura Air shouldn’t be present in every classroom across the nation.

It’s time to enact a new way of doing things. Look to your community leaders and school district boards and encourage a positive change in classroom air quality.

Speak out, and breathe in.

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