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5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Your Senior Living Center

When family members put their loved ones in a senior living facility, they trust that all necessary health aspects will be taken care of. While the common factors, such as nutritious food and close medical attention - or diverse social activities, are usually carefully thought through, other elements - such as air quality or purification, are frequently either forgotten or simply aren’t being prioritized. Specifically now, with our elderly not being able to socialize outside as much and spending most of their time indoors - it’s important to keep their surroundings as safe as possible. 

1. Lose The Cheap Air Purifiers

The phrase “buy cheap, buy twice” was never more relevant - although in this case, buying cheap can easily mean “buy dangerous”. Most senior homes contain hazardous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be found in many consumer goods that both your seniors and staff may be in possession of cigarettes, coloring materials and paints, cleaning products, disinfectants, and even air fresheners.

Not only do inexpensive purifiers not help with air filtering, but they can actually do more harm than good: some low-cost air purifiers produce Ozone levels above legal limits, which can lead to damage to the lungs, cause or worsen asthma, and allergies, and trigger sleep problems.

2. Monitor

Monitoring the air quality in your senior living center is one of the ways to make adjustments to the ever-changing reality and keep everyone safe in these unstable times.

When you monitor the air quality in real-time in your facility, you can:

  • Define your needs and your ideal quality parameters.
  • Be aware of dangerous levels of toxins in the air at any point.
  • Notify your staff, detect problems, and solve them as they happen.
  • Track your historical data and draw conclusions to improve your air quality performance.
  • And subsequently - protect your seniors better.

In fact, in many homes, one can frequently find high levels of CO2 - a problem that can be easily solved by opening windows and aerating the room. A quality monitoring system will not only identify such issues but also locate the polluted areas that should be addressed. 

3. Filter

Studies have shown that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Moreover, poor air quality has been previously linked to dull cognitive abilities and even depression.

Besides hazardous levels of VOCs and CO2, many confined places may also contain high levels of CO, Particulate Matter (PM), pollen, and other particles - and seniors are susceptible to those. Choosing to filter the air in your center will significantly reduce the risks involved with air pollution and pollutants.

4. Disinfect

Over a year into the global pandemic crisis, disinfection regulations are far from being foreign to you or your staff - but have you given a thought to disinfecting the air inside your facility?

Purifying the air in your senior living center is a part of seeing the bigger picture - and a necessity in order to keep your residents as healthy and happy as possible. A qualitative air purifying system will capture and cease the spreading of harmful bacteria and viruses - including COVID-19. With the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic in general, and vaccination effectiveness specifically, the one thing you can do to protect your residents yourself is to choose a system that sanitizes the air in your center thoroughly- or as close to it as possible.

seniors playing a game with chips and cards. An Aura Air device is behind them.
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5. Provide Clean Air Indoors

With the global pandemic still very much going on, you want to ensure that your facility gives the best all-around solution for your senior residents. If you’ve already made the decision to invest in clean air indoors - invest wisely! Look for products with leading safety certifications, such as UL and FCC, as well as a Prop 65 certification.

By picking a system that successfully handles all of the tasks mentioned above, you can create safer enclosed spaces and provide peace of mind both to the residents as well as their families - and it’s easy for you to operate.

Our systems are designed to perform a triple attack against SARS-CoV-2 - with advanced UV-C light technology, a patented Copper Impregnated HEPA Ray Filter, and our patented Sterionizer, which breaks down the protein structure of viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria.

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