Hundreds of satisfied businesses
Hundreds of satisfied businesses


Enclosed office spaces can become dangerous for your employees and their productivity.
Ideal for clinics, office spaces, gyms, restaurants and shops.

Revive your business
Convert your one-time clients into recurring clients
Boost your productivity and efficiency
Elevate your staff's motivation and wellbeing


Aura units were installed in Hilton hotels to measure, manage and improve the wellbeing of guests and staff.

Placing Aura units in your rooms allows you to:

Know exactly what is going on at all times (Aura acts as a smoke detector too!)
Reshape your self-promotion and branding
Attract new audiences, e.g. asthmatics or allergic guests


The average person spends 90% of their time indoors, and ingests up to 100 mg of dust per day.
Keeping your home clean is our top priority.

By choosing Aura, you will have:

Full control over the building's indoor air quality
A unique opportunity to raise the value of your property and therefore your ongoing profits
Lower insurance policy expenses to coveryour assets

Healthcare facilities

Aura provides a singular solution for medical centres.
Aura captures 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous pollutants, and effectively fights the spreading of infectious diseases. The positioning of the device guarantees clean environment.

Installing Aura in your facility guarantees:

The highest levels of purification
A steep decline in the transmission of airborne diseases
Full protection of your staff and patients
Constant regulation of your indoor air quality data


Public transport vehicles are being used by millions every single day. Many times, those vehicles are overpopulated, and therefore contribute to the spread of various infectious diseases.

Equipping your vehicles with Aura Air supplies:

Full protection of your passengers' while in a crowded enclosed space
Uniquely generated QR codes for each wagon and unit. Your passengers can a 'guest access' and view the indoor air quality stats in real-time.

Nursing homes

Residents in senior living facilities are naturally more susceptible to the hazards of airborne pollutants.
From a decrease in their mental states to irreversible physical trauma, indoor air quality in nursing homes is crucial for their residents' wellbeing.

Including Aura Air units in you facility ensures:

Handling and tackling every airborne hazard
Giving the residents' families access to real-time data and peace of mind
Gaining a lucrative element for your branding possibilities


Studies have shown a direct link between poor indoor air quality and poor academic performance.
Aura is the perfect supplement to any classroom - install and connect with ease to every electrical and wifi network.

Adding Aura Air to your education facility offers a new and improved learning experience:

Real-time alerts on high CO2 and poor humidity levels
Increase students' and staff's productivity, concentration span and wellbeing.
Guaranteed highest security of the collected data.