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On the road
to good health
Aura Air for Transportation
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Proven Success
Eliminating 99.9% of harmful
particles in buses, trains, planes,
and more.
Easily Installed
Easy to install and adjust on buses
and vehicles with a unique ceiling
MaaS Platform
Gain valuable insight into road
conditions, safety & manage
transportation services.
Leading MaaS Solutions
that Meet Your Needs
Aura Air’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions make it simple for cities
and transit agencies and operators, campuses, and corporations, to
introduce MaaS to their citizens using a range of tools.
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Manage an entire
fleet of busses
The Aura web platform helps you monitor
and manage multiple devices with real-time data,
insight and recommendations.
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Monitor air quality
on the road
Empowering the smartest decisions
you'll make.
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Track air quality
Inside & outside
Earning your riders' trust and loyalty.
Real-time, All the time.
Aura Air on
the road
Aura Air’s compact dimensions and weight low energy
consumption, and simple maintenance make it ideal for
installation in small spaces such as:
trans-road-1-auraair-usa trans-road-1-auraair-usa
trans-road-2-auraair-usa trans-road-2-auraair-usa
trans-road-3-auraair-usa trans-road-3-auraair-usa
trans-road-4-auraair-usa trans-road-4-auraair-usa
trans-road-5-auraair-usa trans-road-5-auraair-usa
Yellow busses
trans-road-6-auraair-usa trans-road-6-auraair-usa
trans-road-7-auraair-usa trans-road-7-auraair-usa
Airport shuttles
Also on yellow busses
Cleaner air for
a healthier ride
Reducing diseases in buses and vehicles
Innovative Bioanalysis Lab in
California published two separate trial
results proving Aura Air has 99.998%
effectiveness in eliminating
Covid-19 and
Influenza A (seasonal flu).
Trusted by
“Aura Air successfully
raised indoor air quality,
with a 75% decrease in
VOC levels & a 54%
improvement in AQI.”
Delos Australia
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